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Africa flourishes with unforgettable experiences. Both adventure and tranquil seekers will be spoilt for choice with the very diverse offerings that make the continent so extraordinary for luxury travel. Cosmopolitan cities, breath-taking desserts, majestic wildlife and captivating coastlines are just a few of the delights in this enthralling continent.



The continent of Asia just has to be seen to be believed. Prepare to be blown away by her incredibly rich and colourful history, cultures and cuisine as well as her immaculate sands, scenic waters and a plethora of nature’s wonders. You will definitely require multiple journeys to truly take in the wealth of Asia, as her offerings are as diverse as her nations. 


Middle East

The enthralling mix of old and new, past and present is what we think makes the modern Middle East so captivating. The unique fusion of traditional and ultra – modern influences can be seen everywhere; from sleek skyscrapers and palatial resorts to colourful and vibrant souks and magnificent places of worship to sweeping sand dunes and ancient forts to the most glamorous shopping malls. Travel to the Middle East to experience year – round sunshine, stunning beaches, grand resorts, desert safaris and high – end shopping.