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The Suffy Experience

By Suffy Travels

When going to Thailand or any foreign destination, one has certain things that need to be in place to guarantee a comfortable experience. This goes all the way through from the first flight, to the service on the ground at the final destination, to the journey home. Ideally, you’d want all of those elements to sync and be one seamless experience.

It starts with a first class flight experience. For this trip, the Suffy Travels team chose one of our favourite airlines, Emirates. Flying on the A777 is always a comfortable experience; the service in transferring between layovers, access to the lounges during the stops and of course that extra level of care during your journey, sets your entire trip up to be an amazing one.

Arriving at Chiang Mai I discovered my luggage had been delayed, after missing a transfer during one of my layovers. The Suffy Experience not only guarantees that due care will be taken to track down and secure your luggage, but also ensures that it will be done as quickly as possible. My luggage was already waiting for me at my villa before I checked in. Having an efficient and personal private airport transfer, also guarantees that any issues such as this that might arise, are promptly taken care of at your destination by a local who is fluent in both your language and the local dialect.

Being given a local sim card, with airtime and data credit by my guide as soon as I arrived (because those Insta Stories don’t post themselves!) and being transported in a fully equipped luxury mini van complete with drinks and snacks which would be our transport for the duration of the holiday along with our personal driver/chauffeur, were just a few of the many personal touches throughout the holiday.

By TSU for Suffy Travels

Thailand is a country full of very rich culture and Chiang Mai is a perfect showcase of everything that makes the country a great holiday destination. From the amazing landscapes and scenery, even in Monsoon season, to the Thai delicacies, and more modern fusion restaurants and of course the many local temples. My personal guide was able to explain in depth about the culture of the city itself and the region, and I got the most out of every excursion we made in and around the city.


Highlights of the trip were the Elephant Nature Park, one of the few where the animals are allowed to live in a natural environment and are treated well; we got to interact with them on occasion, it was a once in a lifetime experience! The Doi Inthanon National Park was one of the most picturesque sceneries I’ve ever experienced, filled with beautiful countryside and local discoveries.

Accommodation was also in true Thai style at the fantastic Dhara Dhevi Resort, which is inspired by Thai history and culture in its design and conception. It is a truly wonderful and relaxing place to stay and it was made even more personal by the inclusion of my very own Butler for the duration of my stay. Thailand is a perfect destination to relax and explore a new culture, and The Suffy Experience is the best way to do it in comfort, privacy and style.

Favourite Places To Eat

There were a series of very delicious culinary experiences to be had on the trip, but the ones that stood out for me were both unique in the approach to either traditional Thai cuisine or Asian/Western fusion, and extremely tasty. I found meals, in general, to be very balanced, with a healthy portion of vegetables usually featured in most traditional Thai meals, as well as a good spicy kick. Traditional Thai flavours tend to reappear in most dishes because of the unique blend of chilli, lemon grass and sometimes shrimp paste or dried shrimp and coconut.

  • David’s Kitchen
  • Woo Café
  • Royal Project at Doi Inthanon National Park

Must Do’s in Chiang Mai

Elephant Nature Park: If not for the Elephants, which are amazing to see in real life, as well as having the rare opportunity to actually closely approach and watch them in their natural state, then go for the amazing landscape that surrounds the park, a mix of mountain views and vast fields and greenery.

Doi Inthanon National Park: Amazing natural scenery that has it all. From rice fields, locally grown, dried, roasted and brewed coffee beans from a small tribe of mountain inhabitants, and the jaw dropping Wachiratan waterfall, which is really not to be missed, and which has to be seen to be believed. Images do not do it justice and nothing beats the feel of the spray of water that hits you at the base of the waterfall itself. It’s nature at its most primal and its most beautiful.

Top 3 Travel Essentials

Luckily the Suffy experience came with a handful of very useful tips and pieces of travel advice, all of which were included as part of the pre-travel package prior to setting off for Chiang Mai. The ones I found the most helpful were:

  1. Comfortable Shoes: Taking an extra pair is very necessary, especially if you go hiking in the mud after a monsoon shower.
  2. A Portable Charger/Power Bank: Useful to have as you will most certainly need it while out and about all day to recharge your phone and other devices.
  3. A Light Raincoat: During monsoon season, it is essential and the guides always had umbrellas and raincoats available to protect me from the light showers.

Why I Would Come Back:

  • Unique Natural Wonders and Experiences
  • Amazing Traditional Thai Food
  • Friendly People

The Suffy Experience

Chiang Mai  

Marie – Therese Ukpo @mariethereseukpo – Holiday Curator

Piyawan Thongbai – Holiday Operator

TSU @photovoyager – Visual Storyteller & Editor

A very special thank you to Sea Tours, Krai Panyarachun & The Dhara Dhevi Resort

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