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The Suffy Experience

By Suffy Travels When going to Thailand or any foreign destination, one has certain things that need to be in place to guarantee a comfortable experience. This goes all the way through from the first flight, to the service on the ground at the final destination, to the journey home.[…]

The Suffy Experience, Chiang Mai Diary

By TSU for Suffy Travels Day 1 24 hours of flying finally brought me to the official start of The Suffy Experience Chiang Mai, where my journey would continue on solid ground for the next few days. My guide, Chula met me at the airport and we got right to[…]

The Dhara Dhevi Resort

  Villas and Interior Design There are several styles of villas available in the resort within the Thai style architecture side of the compound, and another variety of villas within the European colonial style section of the grounds. I stayed in one of the Thai villas, which was fitted with[…]

Chiang Mai Restaurant Reviews

Woo Café Atmosphere As soon as you make your way through the crowded parking area, you find yourself immediately in the heart of the establishment’s raison d’etre, with art pieces and interesting light fixtures and furniture fittings throughout and lots of indoor vegetation. It feels like a mini urban jungle,[…]

10 Must Do Activities In Bali, Indonesia

10 Must Do Activities in Bali, Indonesia   When you’re daydreaming of our Asian destinations, we’re almost certain that you think of Bali; after all it is the number 1 tourist destination in the world. The island of the gods has overwhelmed our hearts and the hearts of many luxury[…]